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Use WELCOME50OFF for $50 off for new customers
CRISTEL Cookware Pot Pan Wok
Life Time Warranty
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Made in France
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Cook like a Pro!

CRISTEL exemplifies the excellence of Stainless Steel cookware. With our commitment to craftsmanship, durability, and versatility, CRISTEL offers a range of chef-grade cookware.

CRISTEL is renowned for its exceptional heat distribution, allowing your food to cook evenly and perfectly every time. The innovative detachable handle technology and attention to detail make CRISTEL an exceptional choice for culinary enthusiasts.

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CRISTEL Stainless Steel Cookware Pots Frying Sauce Saute Pans


CRISTEL's industry first L-shape thermo-diffuser base spreads heat uniformly during cooking, allowing your food to cook evenly and perfectly every time. This also helps to retains hot temp during serving.

CRISTEL Stainless Steel Cookware Frying Pans


Exceliss+ is a unique non-stick coating, completely free of PFOA and PFOS, designed with a triple layer of non-stick
coating to guarantee the best results.


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Customer Testimonials...from all over the World

Well Designed Quality: I'm posting one review for one Cristel
item but I have in fact a set of these products now. They are fantastic. High quality, well-designed, perfect for the modern kitchen where you don't want clutter, have a smaller sink (removable handles is such a boon when washing up by hand) and want stuff to go straight
from fridge to hob to oven to table. So glad I researched extensively.


La référence en matière de qualité: La qualité christel
: produit parfaitement fini, de qualité exceptionnelle et très classe. J’utilise déjà des casseroles de là même marque depuis plusieurs années...
garantie à vie

The Benchmark for Quality: Christel quality: perfectly finished product, exceptional quality and very class. I already use pots of the same brand for several years... lifetime warranty

Henri Ducourtioux

 ビジュアル良し機能良し:  三層ステンレス鍋を探していました。こちらのデザインが気に入り選びました。料理をするやる気が上がります。機能も保温性が高く良いです。

Good Visuals, good features:
I was looking for a three-layer stainless steel pot. I liked this design and chose it. Your motivation to cook will increase. The function is also good because it has high heat retention


Paint me

Parfait: La marque Cristel est synonyme de qualité. Ce cuit vapeur est beau, s'adapte sur les casseroles de 16 cm, 18 cm et 20 cm et prend peu de place pour le rangement. Il faut bien sûr prévoir un couvercle de 20 cm.

Perfect: The Cristel brand is synonymous with quality. This steamer is beautiful, fits on 16 cm, 18 cm and 20 cm pots and takes up little space for storage. Of course, a 20 cm lid is required.


Casserole de très haute qualité: Que dire fiabilité efficacité et design made in France. Je le recommande à toute personne qui aime faire la cuisine et qui
veulent investir dans des casseroles qui tiendront des années. Je compte dans un futur proche acheter le reste de la gamme tellement la qualité est au rendez-vous

Very high quality saucepan: What to say reliability efficiency and design made in France. I recommend it to anyone who likes to cook and want to invest in pots that will last for years. I intend in the near future to buy the rest of the range so the quality is at the rendezvous



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